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Magazine+CD Bam! #2



Title: Bam! Magazine #2
Format: Fanzine + CD
Year: 2002
Dimensions: A5
Pages: 64
Language: Italian

Interviews with Hanson Brothers, Dan Vapid, Vindictives (Joey Vindictive), A Radio With Guts, Alien Snatch Records, Demonics, Locomotions, Kim's Teddy Bears, X, Skelett.

bam-cd-2.jpg CD: Skelett, Hanson Brothers, Gene Crazed, Sova Jazz, Kim's Teddy Bears (see tracklist).

Track List

Gene Crazed:
1. Bam Rock
Hanson Brothers
2. Hockey Night Tonight
3. Punch Me Doll
4. I'm Gonna Play Hockey
Sour Jazz
5. I Love The City
6. Crawling
7. It Ain't Cool
8. Six Piece Chicken Dinner
9. Kirk Douglas
10. Cruzin' A Dead End
Kim's Teddy Bears
11. You'll Burn In Flames
12. (You're The) Devil In Disguise
13. Wild Thing
Gene Crazed
14. Teenage Rockin' Rampage