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LP vv.aa. "Punk Rock Raduno Vol. 2"



Format: LP 
Artist: vv.aa.
Title: Punk Rock Raduno Vol.2
Year: 2017
Label: Yeahman, Monster Zero, Stage-Diving, Stardumb, I Buy Records, Striped Records
Language: English 

Punk Rock Raduno is the stripedmusiccom and Otis Tours Italian summer event that bring the scene together. This LP feature mostly rare or unreleased songs by the bands of the second edition (check out the tracklist, it's impressive). 

Cover art by Dario Maggiore

Track List

1. The New Bomb Turks - Radiobeat
2. The Apers - Drunk and High
3. Hakan - Television Mood
4. Nikki Corvette & the Romeos - Born To Run
5. The Mr. T Experience - Cinthya (with a Y)
6. School Damage - Go Home
7. The Chromosomes - To Survive is to Surrender
8. The Ratbones - I Don't Wanna Be a Yogi Berra Anymore
9. La Crisi - I'm Not a Loser
10. Retarded - New Days
11. The Peawees - Baby I'm a King
12. Lone Wolf - Get Along
13. Honey - Misunderstanding
14. Travoltas - Go With Me
15. King Mastino - Flowers and Blades
16. Semprefreski - Va Più Veloce
17. Pale Lips - Hiding from the Moon
18. Proton Packs - Zombie Reagan
19. The Priceduifkes - Forced Entry
20. Low Dérive - Kintsugi