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LP vv.aa. "Get Ot Of My Club - The Manges Tribute Album"

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Format: LP 
Artist: vv.aa.
Title: Get Ot Of My Club - The Manges Tribute Album
Year: 2018
Label: Mom's Basement Records(USA) 
Language: English

[Mom's Basement] The Manges Tribute Lp is finally here! Get out of my club - a tribute to the Manges features 17 songs by all of your favorite bands including The Windowsill, The Mugwumps, Horror  Section, Tough, Proton Packs, The Putz, Giant Eagles, So-Cho Pistons and many more! The Lp is available on Black or White vinyl and includes a digital download code that includes 6 digital bonus songs! Pick up a copy today and listen to all of these great bands pay homage to one of Italy’s most beloved punk rock bands! 

Track List

Teenage Bubblegums - Stalag 17/Good Morning Campers
Mugwumps - Another Day
Windowsill - Don’t Mess it Up
Horror Section - Barrage Of Hate
Ponches - Saving Private Pierson
Putz - I Will Always Do
TOUGH - Long Way Back
Neon Bone - 10 Shots
Vapids - Secret Agent In East Berlin
Flamingo Nosebleed - Hit The Punchball
Mega - S.O.S. I’m In Love
Proton Packs - 80’s Soldier
So-Cho Pistons - Uncle Walt
Volkov - Antiheroes
Radio Buzzkills - Vengeance Is Mine
Giant Eagles - Lone Commando
Hairlips - I Don’t Wanna Live In Hell