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LP Tough "Four"



Format: LP
Artist: Tough
Title: Four
Year: 2013
Label: Monster Zero (A) MZ#27, BadMan (I)
Language: English

[Monster Zero] 'Four' is the fourth studio album by Tough, from Piacenza, Italy. Fronted by Chris Polecat (ex-Stinking Polecats) and with Stefan-Eno (ex-Popsters) on guitar, the band delivers 13 punkrockets in the style of Ramones. Nothing more, nothing less. The CD version was released on Dumb! Records from Japan, but when Goomba saw his chance, he asked Tough to join the Monster Zero family. 1-2-3-4 GO!

Graphic design by Andrea Manges.

Track List

Side A:
1. Coney Island Fortune Teller
2. We Gotta Go Tonight
3. Pleasant Valley Sunday
4. Silly For Sally
5. It's Alright Then
6. Your Bloody End

Side B:
1. Lust Like One
2. More Than Ever
3. Hey Baby Monster!
4. I Get Around
5. Your Eyes One More Time
6. Behind Your Keyboard
7. I Don't Want You