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LP Proton Packs "The Weird Science Of Ecto Punk"

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Format: LP
Artist: Proton Packs
Title: The Weird Science Of Ecto Punk
Year: 2011
Label: Surfin' Ki
Language: English

[Surfin' Ki] Hailing from the wild Tuscany (Italy), the Proton Packs are a 4-unit combo ready to blow your mind! Their debut full-length “The Weird Science of Ecto-Punk” is a lethal mix of straight-forward and ass-kicking punk rock with sci-fi and nerdy themes and lyrics. They call it Ecto-Punk. It will make your ghetto blaster explode. With songs ranging from the truck driver’s anthem “Apocalypse Camion” to the pogo-inducing “Jesus Christ VS the Vampires”, the album is a full-scale frontal assault. Beware of the Proton Packs.

Track List

1. This Is Ecto
2. Double Dragon
3. Apocalypse Camion
4. Red Attack!
5. Psychohistory
6. Russian Cyborg
7. Season Of Evil
8. We Believe
9. Weird Science
10. Jesus Christ Vs The Vampires
11. Flying Spaghetti Monster
12. The Case Of John Openshaw
13. Second Foundation Mystery
14. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man