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2012  hardcore  Italian  

DVD "RMHC 1989-1999 Hardcore a Roma"

€12.29 €8.00


Format: DVD pal region free
Title: RMHC 1989-1999 Hardcore a Roma
Year: 2012
Label: Championship Films (I) / Rawraw Edizioni (I)

Language: Italian Subtitiles: English, French, Italian
Lenght: 76'

From the mid 80s through the 90s, Rome was the scene of a local phenomenon linked to the music and lifestyle of American Punk/Hardcore. This is the story of the Romans who used the foundation of American Hardcore to shape their own local culture. The film is a socio-anthropological journey shot over 5 years, showcasing the history of the struggle to launch a Hardcore scene within the established underground and political movements in Rome. The narrative investigates the domestication of a foreign culture before the days of Internet and easy globalization, when kids distributed fanzines in lieu of Internet and exchanged records instead of file sharing. How can a foreign phenomenon be imported and reinterpreted to become an authentic expression of a brand new tradition?

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