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CD The Vapids "The Point Remains The Same"



Format: cd
Artist: The Vapids
Title: The Point Remains The Same
Year: 2007
Language: English

This is the VAPIDS last full length album. Recorded in 2007 and released independently by the band the same year. Within a year after it's release the group split up, and the record went un-distributed for years.
Although a 7" of the same title was released in 2008, those 3 songs do not appear on this cd. There are no love songs, no pop songs, no fun songs, no slow songs, not even a chorus to sing along to. This is 12 chord punk rock

Track List

1. Parents In Heat
2. Dead Letter Department
3. Endless Run
4. Blue Fields And Foul Mouths
5. The Princeton Ferry
6. Got Me On A Leash
7. Nowhere Man
8. Buzzard Luck
9. Touched By An Angel
10. Why Does It Gotta Be
11. Sign Language
12. Life On Mars
13. Human Zoo
14. God Bless The Internet
15. 9.18.ft.lee. Va. 1952