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CD The Roman Line "Morning Portraits"



Format: CD
Artist: The Roman Line
Title: Morning Portrait
Year: 2009
Label: Monster Zero (A) - MZ7
Language: English

[Monster Zero] The first non-European release on Monster Zero is 'Morning Portraits' by The Roman Line from Toronto, Canada. It's their debut record, but it’s so motherflippin' good! The four-piece went into the studio with none other than Joe Queer to record these 12 brand new tracks. Taking the best elements of punkrock, rock'n'roll and country, The Roman Line hits you where it hurts, right in the heart! As if the Boss was rockin' out with Screeching Weasel! Singer Pod has a great, intense voice, that is raw and direct. 'Morning Portraits' is well-produced, well-written, well-composed, and there's a hot, tattoed chick on the cover! Get it now, eh!

Track List

1. Intro
2. Dawn After The Wreck
3. No Vacancy
4. My Dear Wilmarth
5. Jimmy
6. With Friends Like You, Who Needs Firewood
7. You Fuck Off First, Then I’ll Fuck Off
8. Dark Days In Monkey Town
9. Worst Case Ontario
10. Stickin’Together Is What Good Waffles Do
11. Talbot & Inkerman
12. If These Walls Could Talk