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2005  punk rock  

CD The Quintessentials "Legends From The Grave"



Format: CD
Artist: The Quintessentials
Title: Legends From The Grave
Year: 2005
Label: Hawaiian Express
Language: English

The Quintessentials are from Honolulu, Hawaii, and of course they play.. horror punk rock. Though much of their subject matter may be somewhat darker than most, most of their music is still very much fun and catchy. Lead singer and songwriter is Les Hernandez, yeah the Catalogs guy that wrote "Another Girl", covered by the Queers in the 90s. "Legends From The Grave" is their 3rd album. 

Track List

1. Black Bramford
2. Lust for a Vampire
3. Dead Head (Necrofeelya-up!)
4. Lady of the Dark
5. Specimen 32 (Brain Intact)
6. Bloodlust
7. Whiplust
8. She's a Necrosexual
9. In My Dark World
10. Loneliness
11. Ginger Snaps!
12. Mistress Damnation
13. Rosemary's Baby
14. Hate
15. Nice Girls Don't Die!
16. Zombie Girl
17. Energy
18. The Devil's Lovesong