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CD The Cretins s/t



Format: CD
Artist: The Cretins
Title: s/t
Year: 2007
Label: Dambuster Records (A)
Language: English

"The Cretins" is the former name of DeeCracks, this could be considered their real debut album - same guys, same sound, same style!

Track List

1. Gimme Gimme Plastic Surgery
2. Be Around For Nothing
3. T.C.A.O.T.
4. I Don't Want To Go Home
5. John St.
6. Meriwether Is Giving Up
7. I Need A Nurse
8. I Can't Make It On Time
9. Leaving Home
10. I Have Enough
11. Ramona
12. Life Goes By
13. I'm Not The Only One
14. It's Gonna Be A Blast
15. I Don't Want You Around
16. C.R.E.T.I.N.S.

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