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CD The Barbecuties "Go Down With Style"



Format: CD
Artist: The Barbecuties 
Title: Go Down With Style 
Year: 2015
Label: Monster Zero (A)
Language: English

[Monster Zero] Monster Zero proudly presents: The Barbecuties! These German poppunks have been around forever, they were even featured on Stardumb Records' 2003 sampler 'The European Poppunk Virus 2', but somehow they've managed to stay under the radar. And that should end because their new record is full with bubblegum, Ramonescore, heartbroken poppunk that we all love so much! FFO Backwood Creatures, Favorats, Reekys, etc etc!

Track List

1. Breaking me (and up with you)
2. I want your love, you want my beer
3. I wanna be into metalcore
4. A lonely boy's dream
5. Wide awake with you
6. Summer vacation
7. Paris, France
8. She's from Cologne
9. Kickstart my heart
10. Over you
11. Social Failure Manifesto
12. Coconut girl
13. Helluva... whatever