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CD So-Cho Pistons "Piston Bop Nite"



Format: CD
Artist: So-Cho Pistons
Title: Piston Bop Nite
Year: 2014
Label: Monster Zero Records (A) Dumb Records (J)
Language: English

[Monster Zero] Ain't no party like a Japanese party! From Hiroshima, Japan, we present: So Cho Pistons! Bastard children of Ramones, owners of Dumb Records, and fast as banzai! Killer artwork, ultra-cool songs, Ramonescore to the max.

Track List

1. Last Day
2. My Name
3. Far Off Glory
4. One-Minute Life
5. My Heroic Demise
6. Goddamn Guy
7. Fuck You Banzai
8. Pisto Bop Nite!!
9. Grass In The Twilight
10. In An Instant
11. Ronin
12. Though The Shape Changes
13. Hey Ho Let's Go Yeah!!
14. Shining In The Moonlight