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Striped Records is back, too!

Posted by Andrea Manges on

I first heard of DeeCracks and Zatopeks working on a split ep of covers of Dee Dee King just a few months ago. I immediately liked the idea, as it felt like as stupid as those my own band could come up with. In fact, we recorded a version of "Emergency", one of Dee Dee's rap tunes, in 2006.
So my first thought about the Austrian/British split was "Wow! What a killer release!"

A few days after, my drummer Manuel told me he was asked to draw the record cover with his naif, rock, Ramones-themed style. He is amazing. He said he was going to render the cover of the original "Standing In The Spotlight" album, picturing Dee Dee (Ramone) King in multiple poses and 80's street clothes.
And again, I thought "Wow! What a killer release!"

Next piece of news I got about this was that my other homie, Mass, was going to take care of the graphic design with his usual kickass-and-pro-at-the-same-time touch. "Wow! What a killer release!" I said out loud this time.

Somehow, I was starting to feel as if it was a project of my own, so, when Mass told me the bands wanted to add that old Manges DeeDeeKing song as a bonus track for the download, it felt like the most natural thing. Finally, I was a small part of this killer release, too!
And the best news was that the Berlin Ramones Museum was going to release it. I like Flo - the museum guy - a lot and this project is a big honor for all the bands involved.

A few weeks ago, shortly after was launched, Mike DeeCrack asked me to join the production with Striped Records. How could we pass on this one? Jump, jump, jump right in!
I said yes before even hearing the songs. And, oh God, they're good!
The first time I put the record on, I listened to it 5 times in a row. Yes, it’s addictive.

So here it is, coming out on December 14, the first release of the new Striped Records era.