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A message from Andrea

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Andrea Manges

I started the Striped online/offline distribution 8 years ago, since I felt there was a need in my scene of a good, reliable mailorder that could carry our favorite music and support underground bands. To have fun with my friends and punk music.... since there was not many people doing business, we had to step up ourselves and doing it DIY, the way we wanted.

I put a lot of heart and hard work in to it, like I also did for my band for more than 25 years now, and the business has been growing fast.
I had a steady job at the time so I could afford to run StripedMusic without worring too much about making money from it. When the thing got bigger, I started the company called Striped and renewed the website to the version that's still online now.
I kept working hard and not planning much. I released and/or distributed some awesome titles and EVERYTHING related to Striped has been a lot of fun and a great adventure that stays forever with me.

Years passed and me and Franz started a festival called Punk Rock Raduno that is a very successful event in our scene and quickly became too much work as well, so we ended up building a team of a dozen punks to split the all-year-round work on the event. Plus, I'm the lead singer and composer in two bands and always feel the urge to make music and play shows.

Long story short: Stripedmusic never became my primary job, just an expensive, superfun hobby.
In the past couple years I had to go through a difficult phase, that's still going on by the way. I ran out of resources and time, and also moved back to La Spezia. Got the Striped stuff stored in different places, in different towns for some time, also with the result that the inventory datas were all screwed.

So, here's an apology that I owe to a good bunch of people.
To all the Striped customers, because of course I know the customer care has been shitty in the past two years and some of you are still waiting for their orders.
To all the bands, labels and distributors Striped is working with.
You all, like me, put time and money into music and I'm sorry for not having been there 100% like I used to.

I finally, finally found who I was looking for. A great guy with my same passion that also has time and will to run Striped with me. It's gonna be Luca "Pulce", of BadMan Records, that I gladly welcome to the team (of two, now).
In a couple weeks, the whole stock will be stored at his place, the site will be updated a little, orders will start shipping smoothly again, and we will slowly go back to normal.
We have one AWESOME release coming soon on our label (info below) that will definetely re-start the good vibes and we are still carrying all those Wild Honey Records and Otis wonderful records, as well as merch by many great bands. You'll maybe see products disappear from the site and new products going up... it will be rough for a while I guess.
I will still be the head of Striped but the day-by-day work will finally be in good hands again. So the punk rock don't stop, it just gets older.

Thank you for being a part of this,
stay tuned
Andrea Manges