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About TXB

thunderbeard-folks.jpgThunderbeard was founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing back the true feeling of the underground design and artworks of the 80’s – from old gig posters to cutting edge hardcore-punk record sleeves (Black Flag, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks) and iconic old school skateboard graphics.

Thunderbeard is Dario “Dr. Pepper” Maggiore (artwork, design, art direction) together with Ale Gansi (screen printing, product advisor). They both play an active part in the underground punk circuit with their respective bands, La Crisi and Lamantide, and have been on the scene for several years now. They’ve been in love with graphic arts, hardcore music and skateboarding since as long as they can remember. All their posters, t-shirts and ‘zines are issued in very limited editions, just for die-hard fans.

Thunderbeard made its official debut in march of 2013, and in these few years has managed to design and print/manufacture a lot of posters, merchandise and artworks for several brands as well as bands – a few names: Rocket From The Crypt, Il Buio, Killtime, Salad Days Magazine, Calle Marconi, Spaghetto Child, Ammonia Records, King Mastino, Frisco Shop, Chopworks, Die Trying, De Crew, The Monkey Weather, Tytus, Zheros, Hessa, Egeria, La Crisi, Love Board Shop, Drake Snowboards and many others – also collaborating with known artists such as Riccardo Bucchioni and Gozer Visions.

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